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Progressive developers today must always think in terms of how their projects will affect tomorrow’s world. Whitlock West’s Green Standards are designed to uphold the beautiful nuances of this unique parcel of land for generations to come. Click on the sections below for complete details on Whitlock West’s commitment to this land and our future.

Environmental Standards

• The primary characteristic of the Whitlock West property is the presence of a mature forest throughout; woodlands are comprised primarily of trees typical of our Canadian forests, namely the Sugar Maple. The conservation of trees, undergrowth and fragile ecological areas (wetlands, waterways and the habitats of vulnerable species) is a predominant factor in the choices made in the development.

• The various ecological zones (wetlands, waterways and habitats of vulnerable species) will be identified and noted in documents of co-ownership, with the obligation to ensure its conservation assigned to owners. Interpretive signage will also be erected on the land in order to avoid any ambiguity as to its nature.

• Escarpments and the setback zones above and below these, will be identified and preserved in a manner similar to the ecological zones.

• The property is located in the vicinity of the Clark Sydenham conservation area, property of “Conservation de la Nature,” an organisation dedicated to the protection of Canada’s natural sites, most importantly at the ecological level.

• The property is located in the Hudson Woods, considered a wooded area of ecological interest by the Montreal Metropolitan Community.

• The property is in close proximity to the charming Viviry River, which flows directly into the Ottawa River.

• It is strictly prohibited to cut down a tree on these grounds without first obtaining a municipal permit.

Golf Course Standards (click here)

Development Standards (click here)

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