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Progressive developers today must always think in terms of how their projects will affect tomorrow’s world. Whitlock West’s Green Standards are designed to uphold the beautiful nuances of this unique parcel of land for generations to come. Click on the sections below for complete details on Whitlock West’s commitment to this land and our future.

Development Standards

• Instead of giving the standard percentage of 10% of developed land to the Town of Hudson, Whitlock West accords an area equivalent to roughly 100% of developed land; this represents approximately 30 acres of ecologically delicate land, situated in and around the Viviry River, which will be preserved in the interest of conservation and the enjoyment of the citizens of Hudson and future generations.

• A minimal right-of-way of 15 metres in width has been negotiated with the municipality in lieu of the standard 20 meters, thereby reducing the amount of trees cut.

• Since the property is not serviced by a municipal sewage system, each dwelling must have its own sanitary system treatment. Rather than each home having its own leaching field, a common leaching field has been created in a pre-cleared zone on WGCC property, thereby protecting a significant part of the existing vegetation.

• Landscaping will be minimal, ensuring maximum conservation of the natural forest ecosystem; planting of indigenous species will be favoured; protection of vegetal coverage will limit natural evaporation and diminish the need for watering.

• Construction specifications will include specific clauses concerning “Measures to lower environmental impact” in order to avoid, among other things, the phenomenon of erosion and contamination of surface waters by fine particles.

• The distribution systems of electricity, telephone and cable will be entirely underground, thereby preserving trees and eliminating the need for regular pruning.

• Whitlock West’s primary objective is maximum preservation of the natural heritage of the property. While norms according to the Municipality of Hudson permit the clearing of up to 50% of trees for residential lots, the average clearing envisioned for Whitlock West residential lots is closer to 20%.

• In keeping with the tree conservation efforts, gas fireplaces are preferred over conventional wood-burning fireplaces.

• Exterior lighting will be limited to a minimum and will be the “dark sky” type in order to diminish the nuisance of lights, which disturb the nocturnal ecosystem, including plants, insects, migrating birds, etc.

• Perimeter walls and roofs of homes will favour energy conservation by respecting the most recent standards for insulation, and windows will be of the “Energy Star” category.

• All plumbing fixtures will be of the water-saving type.

• Exterior maintenance services will be communal instead of individual, helping to save fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gases.

• Existing cross-country ski paths will be maintained and made accessible to residents, as will hiking paths linked to the various regional networks.

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